We must prepare our students for a diverse, innovative and highly technical world that demands creativity and productivity to thrive in our global society.

In the future, many of our youth will hold jobs that have not yet been invented.

Our aim must be to teach our students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and empathetic to the diverse populations of the world.

A high quality education lays the foundation for future success while leveling the playing field for marginalized students. Life’s challenges do not determine our destiny; however, the way we respond to these challenges does define our character.

We must create innovative learning opportunities that challenge all students to reach their college and career goals.


Every student in Monterey County deserves a high-quality education that will lead them to a promising career and to develop a love for learning.

Our graduates must be able to compete and succeed in our global economy. We must provide opportunities for every type of learner in our public school system, and ensure that pathways to college are not impeded by a student’s financial status. Students who choose not to attend college must be provided the technical skills needed to enter a promising career.

We are fortunate to live in a county with many English learners who will become our future bilingual workforce. We must build upon their rich cultural assets to support them in becoming fluent in English so that they will have equitable access to institutions of higher learning and be a strong asset to their employers.

Throughout my 30 year career as a teacher and administrator, I have worked collaboratively with talented educators and leaders to:

Turn around low-performing schools and measurably raise student achievement.
Increase student and parent engagement to ensure a promising future for all students in Monterey County.
Create safe and healthy learning environments;
Use tax payers’ dollars wisely.